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A momentary departure from our food-focused coverage,  since a gastrokid can't eat (nor a gastrodad cook) all day long. I have the good fortune of in living in one of those Los Angeles neighborhoods filled with entrepreneurial moms and dads who channel their parenthood into their work. It happens that at the farmer's market on Sundays I catch up with them and—amongst the celery root and strawberries—have recently learned about two awesome homegrown projects that snych up with the gastrokid philosophy of conscious parenting: 


One is, a kids music video site dedicated to tolerable and cool music for kids that parents might like, too. With videos from indie family rocker Dan Zanes to indie band turned indie family pop quipsters They Might Giants to L.A.'s mega popular hipster parent/kid band Gwendolyn and the Good Time band, and many lesser known artists (the site has a welcome no-Barney policy). Check it out at


The other, on the much more soothing end of the spectrum, is the album Lullaby Piano: Peaceful Classical Pieces by Lori Henriques, a classically trained pianist who would quietly play sonatas and nocturnes by Bach, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Chopin, and everyone's favorite avantgardist Erik Satie while her infant son went to sleep at night. This album is the result: a calming and lovely, skillfully and sweetly played selection of music that also happens to be great to cook by. You can purchase the CD on itunes (search Lori Henriques) and at


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