Minimalist Check List for 09

Mark Bittman's NYT column this week offers up an excellent must-have list of ingredients for running a successful family kitchen.

His ringing endorsement of Pimenton de la Vera, frozen peas, homemade stock and prosciutto will be music to the ears of Gastrokid's regular readers – so often do we include these flavorful stalwarts in our recipes.

One of his best tips that I intend to incorporate into my fridge/pantry: fresh vanilla beans. Look for vanilla-infused recipes to feature in this blog through 2009.

- Matthew

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One Response to Minimalist Check List for 09

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, been reading off & on for a while, but not commenting…this _is_ a nice list: not too simple, not too fancy. I second especially the frozen shrimp, which I know I can always rely on for an emergency meal…but I might add cinnamon sticks, too, which for some inexplicable reason have lately been really useful in our house, esp. for a quick breakfast rice pudding made w/leftover rice.

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