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With herculean effort I restrain myself from posting fashion-related items as I know you, dear readers, come to gkid with thoughts of fast family meals more than how to, say, remove a temperanillo stain from a veronique branquino dress shirt (a quick application of soda water does the trick, as does a shout stain stick, tho that's the less eco option; moral of the story: wear an apron and/or stick to prosecco, cava, and/or gin and tonics and other nearly white drinks while cooking and wearing nice clothes; I take super chef-restaurateur Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery, Campanile, and Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza fame as my sartorial cooking inspiration. Somehow the woman pulls of double shifts at these restaurants while casually sporting couture simply shielded by a linen-supply apron–all the while wielding an equally stylish Shun Michel Bras ten inch santoku But I digress… ). That said, a good friend of mine is the author of a newish and excellent blog The Foodinista, where she covers the convergence of food and fashion, and where she recently wrote about a gastrokid favorite secret weapon Pimenton de la Vera, which you might know we at GK HQ think of as the MSG of Spain in its smoky ability to make even cauliflower taste like bacon. So, style-obsessed, food-obsessed readers, I suggest you check in regularly with The Foodinista, as she's on the pulse and on the pulse button (of, i'm guessing a chromed-out cuisinart or some other equally blingy and functional food processor). I haven't been to Spain for a few years, but she has and recently returned as invigorated as I was, so see what she has to say about this more than sporty spice at   Eagle eye readers take note of the Heath tile in the background of her photo, which I pinched from her site. Also note that she's talking about the "dulce" not "picante" version of pimenton de la vera. The dulce is "sweet" thus less likely to blow out the tastebuds of tender palates…

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