The Gastrokid Scamp of Approval: An Open Letter to Dash Travel

Dear Originally From Florida,

In response to your Open Letter to Gastrokid, I feel the need to explain my reactive response to a full-grown adult rightly wrankled (tantrum-like) by the pressures of having to bring a “healthy snack” to a Silverlake Pre-School in Los Angeles (to non-Angelenos Silverlake Pre-School=gluten-peanut-saturated-fat-unfair trade sensitive. A righteous position. A trying position).

While I understand the impulse to give kids a momentary, treacly, buttery respite from the calorie-counting, health-obsessed, over-engineered menus that supposedly elevated urbanites are inclined to devise for their offspring, I’ve seen the ravages of unmitigated applications of sugar in a school setting: the amped-up mid afternoon pickup, the temperamental late afternoon aggression, the psychotic tear-drenched evening family meal where all fiber, sustenance, and balance are rejected. Where the sugar high asks for continued elevation. Where patience is tested. Where tempers flare. All of which just begins to explain my resistance to a corporate cupcake-fix-all-fusillade. A momentary victory of pure, fleeting pleasure. An hours-long study in glycemic collateral damage. The “you can’t bring Sprinkles to a Silverlake Pre-School” is partially explained. My zucchini muffin suggestion justified.

Kudos. Your zucchini mini muffins bridged that gap. They weren’t some Jessica Seinfeld sneak-it-in fake out. They were honest. They expressed their zucchini-ness. They were mini (portion control, but let’s not use those words around our kids). They had a sweet-savory balance. The at least looked like they were made with whole wheat. The non-vitamin gummi bears on top were a well measured counter-counter cultural touch of rebellion that tipped toward, but didn’t over indulge, indulgence. Did I say I thought they were delicious? I meant to.

I’m hoping (guessing, fingers crossed) that Dash and classmates thought their zucchini mini muffins were delicious. I’m guessing (hoping, fingers crossed) their parents liked hearing that their kids thought their zucchini mini muffins were delicious. Zucchini. Savor the word, kids. Save the world, parents.
And I’m guessing and hoping that you’re going to bake those zucchini mini muffins again—and that you’re going to embrace all that they stand for, until, and beyond, Dash gets into the right Silverlake kindergarten. 
It’s a philosophy. It’s a practice.
And it’s why you get the very first Gastrokid Scamp of Approval chalkboard drawing of a gustatorily satisfied kid in need of a haircut. First things first. And first things include mini muffins as good as any cupcake.

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One Response to The Gastrokid Scamp of Approval: An Open Letter to Dash Travel

  1. michelle says:

    my son’s birthday is coming up. and his preschool (this is our first year) reminded me to plan on bringing in cupcakes. when i mentioned that i was thinking about bringing banana date mini muffins with agave sweetened cream cheese icing, the director made a funny face and said she thought the kids would be disappointed.
    this post has inspired me to test out her theory and, hopefully, prove her wrong. after all, my kid is the youngest in his mixed-age class and won’t be embarrassed if she’s right. at least this year!

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