2 Minute Egg and Vegetable Coquette

For every real-world-inspired, intricately crafted, triple-checked, easily-executed, groggy-parent tested recipe you’ll find in our forthcoming Gastrokid Cookbook: Feeding a Foodie Family in a Fast Food World, (pre-order it on amazon) you can count on gastrokid.com to give you a near daily dose of off-the-cuff, instantly do-able non-recipes like this one. This freaky easy snack was inspired by a sparsely-stocked refrigerator and a hungry broccoli-tolerant, egg-non-averse, soy-sauce amenable picky eater named Desmond (4 and half going on Caveman). My wife and I had recently eaten a grand multicourse dinner at the now dearly departed Gordon Ramsay at the London here in Los Angeles. Overseen by the king of kitchen expletives and refined French-Brit cooking, it was deliciously precise feast, with sous-vided this and that, and micro-seasonal which and what. And it all started with a coquette of egg baked with some incredible spring mushrooms. Which gave me an idea that I could execute within micromoments, with a microwave, in our own little Hell’s Kitchen.

2 Minute Broccoli and Soy Egg Coquette

1 cup chopped leftover broccoli
1 egg, scrambled
1 teaspoon soy sauce

Mix all the ingredients in a little microwavable coquette or mini ramekin and microwave on high until egg is cooked through (our microwave did it in 2 minutes. Yours could do it in more or less time). Let cool and serve.

Obviously you could do this with whatever gkid-friendly vegetable you’ve got lying around. Asparagus and/or mushrooms would be yummy this time of year. As would potatoes and pimenton, or… it’s up to your imagination. And leftovers.



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