Buy The Book: Don’t Sneak It In


We’ve been working hard to feed our families and ourselves with one awesome dinner a day. We cook a delicious meal each night and share it with our kids. It satisfies the parents. It satisfies the kids. And we’ve got the one-and-only cookbook you need to do the same. It contains recipes for vegetables that don’t require any sneakiness (sorry Jessica Seinfeld. It has breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks. And everything else you need to feed a foodie family on a budget. And you can pre-order it on Amazon right here. We’re really happy with the cover and the food therein. Those cute little terrines of cheesy goodness: that’s our maximalist gkid mac and cheese with crispy sage, roasted tomatoes, and pancetta. Find that recipe, plus our manifesto and 100 family-friendly recipes, kid technique tips, and even more in The Gastrokid Cookbook: How to Feed a Family in a Fast Food World. We’re also working on a wine-pairing guide, but that’s for the gastroparents. Stay tuned.

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