Is Your Careful Cuisine Making Your Kid Fat?

That's the question posed in this week's London Observer.

In an article guaranteed to generate angst in households across the UK and titled, "The middle-class myth of healthy eating", the Observer highlights salt as as a catalyst for obesity whatever economic demographic you fall into.

Writer Andrew Purvis writes:

"I scrutinised the typical diets of children I know then went
to three of the country's top medical experts – a cardiovascular
specialist, a cancer researcher and a neurologist – to have them
analysed for impacts on health. We weren't just looking at obesity, but
high blood pressure, cancer and other ailments associated with diet.
Often what was left out (oily fish, whole grains, vegetables) was more
damaging than what was put in, but the three main villains in the piece
were salt, sugar and refined carbohydrates. Of these, the most
invisible but pernicious is salt. Think of how Kellogg's Rice Krispies
taste without milk or sugar, and it will come as no surprise that a
single serving contains as much salt as a packet of Walker's
ready-salted crisps."

To reinforce his point. Purvis cites Dr. Ian Campbell who recounts: "I have yet to see a child beyond a year old be satisfied with one
portion…I've seen it in my own children and I've
asked other people – and they often have two or three."

More salt than in a packet of potato chips? Yikes. Back to fruit and nuts I guess….

- Matthew

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