Market Report: Celery Root, Cheap, Cheerful, and Seasonal


At Gastrokid we’re constantly searching the farmer’s market for seasonal, affordable, ingredients that our fickle families just might enjoy. Budget is informing the shopping a lot more these days, hence more fish like John Dory and less pricey Halibut, waste-nothing pencil asparagus over the the thicker stuff that needs trimming and peeling, and our current favorite ugly/beautiful celery root.

The Amazing 15 minute, 1 Dollar a Serving Celery Root Remoulade

This Remoulade salad is fast (15 minutes prep thime) and cheap, adding up to only just over 1 dollar serving: needs no cooking, just some herb cutting (or tearing if you want the little ones to help)

1 celery root bulb, peeled and julienned ($2.50)
1 small bunch flat leaf parsley, chopped (.50)
3/4 cup mayo (.40)
1/4 cup dijon (.53)
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (.33)
salt and pepper

Cut rough outside from celery root and julienne it into 1/8 inch thick matchsticks (halve the bulb lengthwise and cut into two half globes, then slices those into half rounds, then stack a few of those, and cutting into sticks. Repeat. And as you do it’ll get easier)

In a medium combine mayo, dijon, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and parsely. Add the celery root and stir it up. Let sit 15 minutes or to let the flavors meld. Awsome as a side to steak, which we had with last week. Excellent in a leftover sandwich with steak. Equally awesome with chicken, or tossed into a green salad.

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One Response to Market Report: Celery Root, Cheap, Cheerful, and Seasonal

  1. michelle says:

    love the combo of good economic sense and fabulous living. am off to check out the rest of your cheap recipes :)

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