Quick Cocktail Party With Kids: A Whole Lotta Whole Foods


As the economy turns, I’m wondering if I’ll do this much this year, but it’s a cost-intensive, time-saving, flavor-maximizing way of throwing a quick sunday afternoon cocktail hour with another family. Buy some stuff. Set it out. Pour some stuff. Which we did recently:

Go to Whole Foods: buy cheese, baguette, olives and other cured vegetables, charcuterie, cava, annd other vinous drinkable things, fromagish, cured-meatish things. Make sure you have a mix of bread, crackers, cured meat, awesome cheese, cured snacky vegetables, and some lightly alcoholic but very satisfying beverages. Plate the food prettily. Pour the drinks copiously. Put on a DVD for the kids. Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Next time, be a cheapskate. Effort=near zero. Cost=near $150. Cleanup=a breeze. Those mushroom chairs are not edible, but are buyable.

Menu for 4 adults, and 3 kids:

several botttles of Cava
1 big piece of humboldt fog goat cheese
1 big piece of manchego
1 big piece of some long forgotten, super blue, super triple blue cow’s milk cheese
several slices amazing prosciutto
1 small container shriveled, intense black olives (not the technical name, but you’ll know ‘em on sight)
1 small container marinated white beans
1 small container green olives
1 small container cured red cherry peppers
1 link Fra’Mani soppresatta
several slices prosciutto
1 baguette, thinly sliced
1 box water crackers
1 container hummus
1 bag pita, sliced
1 small container boquerones

Serve Some Food:

Drink Some Drinks:


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