The Gastrokid Scamp of Disapproval: Regina Schrambling


Gastrokid has officially blackboard-listed Regina Schrambling. With my kids in bed, attendant housework finished, After reading her piece on Slate, I’m wondering exactly what Ms. Schrambling’s problem is? Read her irrational rant here. And then ask yourself: why does she have an issue with introducing kids to new flavors, involvement in the kitchen, and what exactly does she propose instead? Nothing really. “This old baker” finds the ratio of butter to flour stingy in a recipe intended for kids. Noted. Ignored. Except…

Meanwhile, we’ve got other things on our mind. Like introducing our kids to new flavors. Which they reject as they will, in their own way. Irrationally. Whimsically. Self-definingly. Will my kids like everything that I like? Hell no. But I’ll expose them to the joys of cooking, the infinite possibilities of the kitchen (as well as the infinite rejections of parental encouragement). Tofu (boring unless marinated and pan fried, they tell me). Rapini (waaaay too bitter). Broccoli (just right, with a dash of olive oil and copious shavings of parm). It’s my job as a father to give them options, and it’s their job to consider them and accept/reject as they see fit.

My wife, kids, and I recently drove to Sonoma County to see friends. Each and every one of us wolfed down local lamb burgers, tomatoes skewered on rosemary and grilled, and santa rosa plums with ice cream. On the way home, my wife and I, desperate for food, shamefully pulled into a MacDonalds for the first time in a decade (is that capitalization even correct?). We were embarrassed. We bought the kids happy meals. They were anything but happy. They tasted the burgers and rejected them. We drove home, mom and dad sodium-satisfied, kids hungry. They knew better than us. They knew better than you, Regina. So what exactly was your point? We just might have you over for dinner if we knew your grapes weren’t so sour. Even then, I wouldn’t want to bum out my kids.

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4 Responses to The Gastrokid Scamp of Disapproval: Regina Schrambling

  1. MyLastBite says:

    Thank you for this…. I was really sad to see Regina’s post today because I’ve always shared my love of food with children. I even started a cooking club … just so I could spend more time with my niece and nephew. Years later we still cook together regularly, and more importantly, we have FUN hanging out in the kitchen.

  2. i couldn’t agree more! what a hostile post from ms. schrambling, and what an irresponsible rant against kids discovering food when childhood obesity is such an issue in this country.
    question. are you allowed to be a writer if “rambling” is embedded in your byline? :)

  3. Julie says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. We as parents are here to open up our children’s world, not stifle it. When she talks about accidents in the kitchen, it sounds like the adults she’s referring to with “wrestler worthy scars” aren’t as careful with a knife as my 4 year old. Also my I’m in the kitchen with my four year old, especially when using appliances with blades, so that’s a non-issue.
    How are kids supposed to learn when they aren’t allowed in the kitchen? How will they develop all the different tastes without being exposed to them? That’s what I would like to ask Regina. She sounds pretty discriminatory against children, wonder if she has any. If so I feel sorry for them.

  4. christy says:

    “I will never forget the first time I brought some carefully crafted tidbits involving goat cheese and roasted peppers to a party where a toddler was indulgently allowed to grab one with a grubby hand only to spit it out on the carpet.”
    She will never forget that. Really? Sounds like a little bit of a tantrum to me.

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