Fried Quinoa With Egg, Scallions, and Sesame Seeds

The folks at the Williamsburg Brooklyn mini-Empire Marlow and Sons (and Diner, and Bonita) put out an excellent quarterly magazine called Diner Journal that reminds me of why I first started working in publishing some 15 years ago (the awesome crushed eggshell photo here is by their photo editor Grant Cornett. I thought it would make a nice post-easter statement. My crummy but trusty little Canon Elf 450 does not do the thing any justice. Grant’s got a cool photo blog.). [ed's note: since this post first went live, grant was kind enough to send me a nice version of the egg pic. Thanks, Grant.]

Diner Journal is a gorgeous thing, printed on thick matte stock with cool photography, smart articles, and excellent recipes. It’s a pleasure to read, look at, and hold in an era in which independent magazines almost seem quaint. In its earnestness and personal take on food, it’s a bit of post-post-modern marvel. The latest issue (the April/Spring issue) has a fantastic story in it, an epistolary piece with Robert Lavalava (director of New York’s New Amsterdam Market) and Caroline Fidanza (Brooklyn Diner chef) trading stories about and recipes for eggs. The recipes are simple, budget minded, and healthy. The first one we tried was their Fried Rice and Egg recipe, which we adapted to what we had on hand: some cooked red quinoa (our version is pictured here).


Marvelous, satisfying, quick, and cheap, we’ve made it twice. 7 year old Violet loves it as much as we do. 4 year old Desi’s not so into quinoa, but if we did it with rice (which we plan to do) we’re guessing he’ll be game. I’ve taken the liberty of sharing a few shots of the mag, including the fried rice recipe. I recommend you subscribe. These issues are art objects and much as food media, the kind of thing you don’t throw away.


For more about the Williamsburg, Bklyn, restaurant scene, read Brett Martin’s story in the May issue of Bon Appetit. It’s online here. And while you’re at it, click that “subscribe to Bon Appetit” box on the right hand corner of the opening page to subscribe to the equally excellent magazine where I’m Features Editor. And while I’m shilling for all elevated print food media, I humbly suggest you pre-order our forthcoming Gastrokid Cookbook.


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  1. grant says:

    thanks for the lovely write up and i appreciate the push to my blog.
    if youd like a clean a egg shell image ive placed one here for ya:
    be well,

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