Recipe for a Salad Sandwich

Having a four year old who is quite selective in his tastes (called a “picky-eater” by some, tho at Gastrokid we don’t see that as a negative term, just a dietary and culinary challenge), we need to come up with clever but honest recipes that play into his likes and his nutritional needs. Regular readers know we’re anything but Jessica Seinfeld-dishonest about feeding our kids, so we devise things like the Salad Sandwich, calling it what it is.


It’s simply what it looks and sounds like: salad between two slices of bread. It’s amazing how many leaves you can stack in between two slices of bread. I think I got 17 into the last one. Trial and error lead us to stack the dressed lettuce leaves (with a few shavings of good parmigianno reggiano in there for extra flavor) on a cutting board, then slice them into half inch strips so they don’t all slide out in one bite. It’s now Desmond’s nightly request. First toast the bread, then load it with the sliced leaves, then smash the thing with all your might into the flattest panini-like sammie you’ve ever had. Desmond’s hooked, and lo behold we tasted one ourselves and are now hooked too. It’s like a vegetarian banh mi.

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  1. Gourmet Mama says:

    I wonder if my sons would eat this . . . they`re quite opposed to anything green and leafy at the moment, though they do love carrots.

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