Sea Beet….and Eat!


Here we go again in the wild and wacky world of tasty, leafy greens. This time we stumbled upon Sea Beet (a cross between spinach and Swiss chard) at our local farmer’s market.

Assured that Sea Beet (so named because they grow wild on some shorelines around the UK) wilted just like spinach, I decided to throw them into a hot oak smoked salmon tagliatelle.

First I cooked the dried tagliatelle pasta in boiling water until al dente (about five minutes).

Next I flaked the hot oak smoked salmon and washed the Sea Beet. Then I drained the water reserving a quarter of a cup and transferred the tagliatelle (along with the reserved starchy water) to a large serving bowl. I added the salmon and then Sea Beet and mixed all together so that the beets wilted over the hot pasta.

The kids insisted on parmesan cheese to accompany but I was happy with hot red pepper flakes. Each to their own vice, no?

Total cooking and prep time – 15 minutes.

- Matthew

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One Response to Sea Beet….and Eat!

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to cook it.I hope I can purchase the Sea Beet.

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