Easy on the Meat week at Gastrokid


We're big fans of Do the Green Thing, a cool site, blog, nay full-on social experience that aims to help educate and inspire about seven simple ways to live a greener life.

One of those simple ways is a mini-culinary movement they call Easy on the Meat and, in solidarity, we confirmed omnivores here at Gastrokid have decided to join in…for one week.

Our interpretation of easy on the meat still allows for fish and seafood but apparently not bacon (which we were under the mistaken impression was a food group unto itself).

Hugh kicked things off yesterday with his squid marinara and I would chime in were it not for the fact that I'm nowhere near my kitchen today. However I have gone a full six meals without any meat now. The next hurdle is breaking the news to my butcher.

Stay tuned throughout the week for no-meat treats and check out Do the Green Thing for smart and entertaining green thinking (how often can you expect that combination)?

- Matthew

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