Donut Peaches: The Perfect Stone Fruit Snack

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been buying just about every stone fruit variety imaginable at our farmer’s market here Los Angeles: dinosaur plums, dapple dandies, white nectarines, peaches, pluots, apricots… with full knowledge that the season will pass and this summer candy will be gone. 4 year old Desi has bowed out of the experimentation, but 7 year old Violet is game. And together we’ve found the perfect lunchbox snack for her to take to day camp: the donut peach. Unlike the other blissfully, messily, slurpy plums and peaches, these squat little stone fruit (the smallest fruit in the above photograph) sit tidily in a container, and can be eaten in several bites. Pack a few along with your kids favorite growing food. Your fruitarian-leaning kids will love them, and you’ll love the fact that the peach juice doesn’t stain clothes like a plum.

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