Gastrokid Homemade Gatorade


The convenience stores of the world are awash in gatorade. Fructose-heavy, overpriced, landfill-filling. And the new favorite drink of 4 year old Desmond after a friend took him to 7-11 on a post-gymnastic snack trip. I explained to him, in my best conscious gastronomist to a 4 year old language, that it can be good for athletes, but that we could probably make some of at home.

I scoured the web, and found many recipes, all involving a bit too much cane sugar for my patience and a lazy adherence to sugary orange juice (I’m one parent who believes the sugar crash theory, based purely on convincing anecdotal evidence). Hence this recipe here, which uses agave nectar, which has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar, supposedly diminishing the crashy effects, as well as fresh lemon and lime that are pure flavor and acidity.

The fake-o color I credit fully to my children, who both had the idea of adding food coloring. Blue for Des, green for 7 year old Violet. The salty savory colorful results satisfied the kids, and I actually quaffed a good 8 ounces of the stuff too. You won’t find this recipe in the forthcoming Gastrokid Cookbook, but you will find loads more family and earth-friendly recipes there, so we highly recommend pre-ordering it from your favorite internet book retailer listed on the left of this page.


Gastrokid Homemade Gatorade
Fresh lime, low-crash agave nectar, no plastic bottle required!

6 cups water
1/2 cup agave nectar
the juice of 2 lemons and 2 limes
3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
food coloring

Stir it all up until salt is dissolved. Add natural food coloring according to your child’s whim. Serve over ice.

Violet wanted to try her hand at art direction and illustration, so I include here her reinterpretation of my chalkboard illustration:


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4 Responses to Gastrokid Homemade Gatorade

  1. Homemade Gatorade–what a fantastic idea!

  2. Sophia says:

    The chalkboard illustrations are fantastic. Great idea and wonderful photos to match. Five stars for summer creativity:)

  3. Heath Ashli says:

    Thanks for the recipe! The color is very pretty, but I don’t give my kids artificial food coloring not just because it causes ADD/ADHD, but also because it cause reproductive problems & cancer too. Here’s a healthier alternative

    • mary says:

      I am not sure that it is fair to suggest that food coloring ” causes” Cancer , ADD/ADHD etc. There is food coloring in just about everything so maybe that being said ” everything causes Cancer” . I noticed that the price for a sample pack of natural food coloring is $ 59.95 ? Wow that’s a expensive jug of juice now isn’t it ? Nice idea :) Perhaps we should peel a beet and toss it in giving a nice rosy hue , much cheeper !

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