The Gastrokid Scamp of Approval: Henckels Miyabi Santoku

To keep your kids happy in the kitchen and the dinner table, you’ve got to allow some wicked fun for yourself. My most recent culinary joy has come from prepping dinner with my awesome Japanese-made Henckels Santoku, which gets this week’s Gastrokid Scamp of Approval. This thing is surgically sharp and light, and definitely not something to leave laying around on the counter, lest curious hands be tempted to give it a whirl (i’ve found giving the kids a plastic serrated knife and some tender herbs to chop can satisfy their cutlery cravings, albeit briefly).

Here it is, on a cork cutting board…


… along with some chopped tomatoes, black olives, and tarragon that made a nice quasi-mediterranean salsa to go with roasted chicken, thinly sliced sauteed zucchini, and toasted rustic bread brushed with olive oil. The knife prep kept me happy. This lovely balanced meal kept the kids (and us parents) happy too.



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