10 Things To Do With Brown Butter

Brown butter is a magical thing we’ve been exploring at the family table. My wife and I tell ourselves that the less meat we eat (due to my wife’s increasingly vegetarian leanings) the more we can indulge other fatty delights, like brown butter. Easily achieved by cooking over low heat until it turns just nutty brown, brown butter has a great toasty flavor that complements both savory and sweet, and can make vegetables as satisfying as meat. And a little goes a long way: doubling the flavor means halving the portion. Here are 10 things we’ve done recently (both vegetarian and not) that both 7 year old Violet and 4 year old Desmond have adored and that you and yours may too:

1. brown butter on pancakes or french toast
2. asparagus with brown butter, lemon juice, and parmesan
3. brown buttered diver scallops
4. brown butter and thyme chicken breasts
5. brown butter and sage pasta
6. brown butter-cooked omelette or scrambled eggs
7. brown butter, canola oil (1 part butter to 3 parts oil ratio to keep it from getting greasy) shallot, and red wine vinaigrette on butter lettuce or romaine
8. brown buttered oatmeal or creamy polenta with maple syrup
9. brown buttered corn on the cob
10. brown butter-sauteed peaches or nectarines on vanilla ice cream

For more brown butter ideas and other family-recipes pre-order The Gastrokid Cookbook: Feeding a Foodie Family in a Fast Food World (Wiley)

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2 Responses to 10 Things To Do With Brown Butter

  1. sunny side up. says:

    butter is high in saturated fat.
    why consume so much yet are attempting to
    lead or claim to be vegetarian leaning?
    defeats the purpose don’t you think?
    consume butter, brown butter, what ever
    you will on a semi basis as a treat.
    an added bonu.

  2. Never heard of brown butter before! Tried it last night – on the vegetables…was astonished to see some of the younger, more finicky eaters actually gobble up their veggies!!!
    Heather for Children’s Aid NYC

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