A Vegetarian Family Feast in a Flash

The other night was proof positive that a regular farmer’s market run, and a smartly-stocked pantry will set you up nicely for that mid-week, what’s-for-dinner panic that besets even the most diligent gastrofamilies. We panicked. We chopped. We ate. Here’s how:

The market run gave us:
heirloom tomatoes
micro greens
thai bird chiles

The pantry (and fridge) gave us:
pimenton de la vera (spanish smoked paprika)
olive oil
fresh mozzarella
parmigianno reggiano
canned chickpeas
red quinoa

We made:
-Caprese salad (with thai chiles for the grown-ups; Jamie Oliver throws them on everything, and they made the caprese particularly zingy)
-Sauteed zucchini and corn with quinoa
-Chickpeas with olive oil and pimenton de la vera
-Green salad with olive oil, lemon juice, and parmesan

How to do it:
No recipe required. Simply deconstruct the picture above!


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