Pizzeria Mozza 2 Go: Gastrokid’s first visit


A blistering hot day in Los Angeles. The kind that makes you grateful for the dappled shade of banana palms, friends with pools, and, with the opening of Mozza 2 Go, (6610 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles; 323-297-1130) arguably the best takeout pizza on the planet. As if we needed the excuse of not turning on our oven to be among the first families to take advantage of Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton, and Joe Bastianich’s third phase of their growing Mozza mini empire (preceded by the nearly impossible to get into Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza).

Now a mere phone call is that is required to get the likes of pizzas such as these: fennel sausage, cream, and red onion; white anchovy, spicy tomato sauce, and olives; margherita with mozzarella, tomato, and baby basil. All of which we ordered along with farro salad, funghi and arugula salad, and the delicious, but seriously overpriced bechamely, bolognese-ish, spinach lasagne, which rings in at a staggering twenty-one bucks for a single serving. The pizzas, as they’ve always been, are the draw, made with Silverton’s trademark crust, deeply flavored, thin as construction paper in the middle, bubbled and crunchy-chewy on the edge. I could’ve had this feast delivered, but opted for takeout to share with you a first look at the tiny storefront and its glorious pizzas.

The family ate it all up, though picky Desmond, when he spotted the baby basil on the margherita, politely asked: “Will you please take those plants off of my pizza?”

The storefront:


The tiny counter:


The foodie goods:


The pizzas (margherita, sausage and cream, anchovy and tomato):




The dessert (a panforte) tied up with a bow:



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