Sausage with Sagey White Beans


There's a bistrolike minimalism to this dish that is so easy, it feels almost criminal to take credit for cooking it. The fresh sage leaf makes it taste fully homemade.

Makes 4 servings

About 1 pound sausage (precooked chicken or turkey sausage works well)
Olive oil
Garlic, chopped
4 cups or so canned white beans, drained
Fresh sage (or rosemary)
Fresh lemon juice
Freshly ground black pepper

In a large pan over medium heat, brown the sausage on all sides and cook it through. Once cooked, set it aside on a plate. In the same pan, add a bit of olive oil and the garlic. Cook, stirring, until fragrant. Then add the beans and sage and heat through. Spritz it with a bit of lemon juice to enliven it. Season with salt and pepper if necessary. Serve in bowls with sausage on top.

[This recipe is excerpted from the Gastrokid Cookbook, published by Wiley and to be published in August. Order your copy now.]

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