The Gastrokid Cookbook: Our First Review

Rotterdam-based eco-family boutique and blog Shak-Shaku gets a major shout out for being the first to review the Gastrokid Cookbook. Thanks, Shak-Shaku, for getting what we’re all about. So glad you loved it and for sharing it with your customers and readers. Check out the review here!

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One Response to The Gastrokid Cookbook: Our First Review

  1. Jos says:

    YAY! We really expect you to be bombarded with orders from Europe (where most of our customers come from – including us!
    Just a quick side note, we’re “Shak-Shuka” NOT Shak-Shaku…we know, we know – it’s a confusing weird name, but we love it!
    Keep up the great work and blog posts! Already whipped up the quinoa dish you posted on Twitter yesterday!

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