The Gastrokid Market Report: Summer Blueberries


You go through life thinking you understand things. Like blueberries. And then you eat Southern California blueberries in mid July from a farmer who knows what they’re doing. And then you understand what a blueberry can be. The Nicholas Family does, and these blueberries are more than fruit: they’re luscious and plump, with hints of basil, and other deep, sweet-savory complexity that right now I don’t have words for. But this says something: 4 year old Desmond is usually a take-it-or-leave-it kind of fruit guy, but not with these. He scarfs them down by the spoonful like caviar. 7 year old Violet will eat twice as many of these as she usually does, which means we’re left with a container like this one within 2 hours of returning from the farmers market.

Recipe ideas seem almost overkill with something so perfect on its own, but here are some blueberry maximization ideas:

1. buy more than you’re inclined to. If you think you want one box of seasonal blues, by three. I’ve never seen a ripe blueberry go to waste.

2. obvy 1: mix into greek yogurt with honey (and some chopped basil to get all fancy)

3. obvy 2: sprinkle on cereal

4. obvy 3: with ripe bananas in a smoothie

5. dessert: mix into vanilla ice cream with crushed almonds

And last but not least… (get out the bartending gear)…

6. blueberry kid cocktail: muddle with mint and sugar serve with ice and soda. you know what to do to make it adult if you want…



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