Gastrokid Hits Julia Child Fave La Super Rica


On a recent getaway the Gastrokid US contingent lunched at Santa Barbara’s La Super Rica Taqueria for some benchmark beachy Mexican food at a spot beloved by foodies, families, and Julia Child. We ordered up a storm, as usual, and ordered chicken sopes, rajas, jimaica, vegetable tamales with crema, and, as all foodie families do, a quesadilla.



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2 Responses to Gastrokid Hits Julia Child Fave La Super Rica

  1. shelley says:

    please tell me you ordered the chile con queso also.. it is hands down the best thing on the menu.. a fire charred poblano, lightly charred hunk of cheese, quickly chopped together and served on one of their homemade tortillas.. no matter how hard I try, I can’t make it at home and have it come out like theirs

  2. Spainette says:

    #16+negra modelo+side of guacamole with extra tortillas=manna from heaven

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