Grubstreet Reviews the Gastrokid Cookbook

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I remember what it was like to be a young New York media type writing book reviews when some 15 years ago I was, well, a young New York media type writing book reviews. That was at the Village Voice where Matthew and I first figured out how to put pub grub and its attendant beverages on an expense report under the guise of cultural criticism. This was long before kids. Long before the Gastrokid cookbook. And I would’ve been proud to have written the recent review of the Gastrokid Cookbook on New York Magazine’s grubstreet blog (an excellent source of restaurant gossip and all things culinary in gotham city). It’s a smart take that gets our conceit, is slightly annoyed by it, then (I think I’m right here) concedes to our ultimately practical and foodiecentric take on sharing unbridled gastronomic enthusiasm with your kids. Check it out here. And while you’re there, read the comments section. Last time I looked, people were debating the value of sharing adult food with kids. You know where we stand on that matter.

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