Miami Herald on the Kiddie Foodie Movement

Great story on the gastrokid revolution in the Miami Herald today, with a passing mention of our book.

Choice quotes about introducing kids to new flavors:

“When you look at long-term studies, one of the predictors of whether children are eating fruits and vegetables when they’re 8 and 9 is what they ate at age 2,” says Julie Mennella, a biopsychologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center, a nonprofit research institute in Philadelphia.

“What types of food we like begins early,” Mennella says. “That kind of learning goes through life.”

Researchers have found that it can take eight to 15 attempts before some children accept certain foods.

“It’s a fatal mistake to assume kids like bland food,” says Zoe’s father, Dewey LoSasso, chef-owner of the North Miami restaurant North One 10. “Just the other day, I ordered steamed clams for my kids at a little place on the Hollywood Broadwalk and the waiter acted like I was a crazy. He was expecting me to order mozzarella sticks.”


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2 Responses to Miami Herald on the Kiddie Foodie Movement

  1. Carma says:

    This is true! Kids learn to ” eat” at an early age.
    In France children eat what the adults eat. Lamb with couscous, very strong cheeses etc…
    My son is 1/2 French so naturally he eats what we eat, no exceptions.

  2. cheer bows says:

    My parents gave me and my brothers different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Up to now, we love vegetables a lot! There’d be war if someone doesn’t get to eat veggies. =) Lols!
    I give my child vegetables too and she likes it.

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