Pizza Pulse – Would You Pay $5 for a Slice?

Di Fara Pizzeria in the Midwood section of Brooklyn charges $5 a slice and has folks lining up around the block to get some.

It's yet another chapter in the saga to identify New York's best pizza. Our kids love Grimaldis under the Brooklyn Bridge but next time we're all back we might just have to give Di Fara's a go…….but just for one slice each!

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Pizza Pulse – Would You Pay $5 for a Slice?

  1. debbie says:

    Do it–Di Fara’s is 100% worth it. Just be prepared for a loooong wait. Those pizzas are made lovingly & meticulously, one at a time.

  2. bklyndenizen says:

    Di Fara’s is my absolute fav pizza. Don’t bother with a slice though, go for the whole pie – trust me it will be gone before you know it!

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