Popups – the New Indian Snack Food

Confusion reigned in our house tonight after Zelda (3) decided she wanted to taste a snack she'd seen us pick up at a local supermarket.

"Popups." Can I have some popups she kept asking as Jowa and myself looked on confused. We were pretty sure we hadn't bought anything called a popup and we definitely didn't have any pop-tarts in the house.

"They're crispy and round," she insisted and then it dawned: Zelda was craving poppadams, that Indian lentil wafer.

Out of the mouths of babes I guess.

- Matthew

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  1. Rachel S. says:

    Hi, just popping over from ittybits.com. I am interested in your blog because my husband is from India (so we eat Indian food A LOT) People are absolutely amazed at what our 2 year old twins and 1 year old eat. Great blog!

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