Toulouse Sausages Cooked in France

It's vacation time for one half of the Gastrokid cabal and we're eating our way through the delights of Languedoc in southern France.

Already Dylan has turned his back on crevettes (declaring his allegiance to a life without prawns) which has been greeted with mixed emotions by the rest of the family. On the one hand we mourn what he'll be missing but on the other hand it means more of the juicy, delicious seafood for the rest of us.

Last night we turned to an old favorite – ratatouille – and added a new complement: tangy Toulouse sausages (the pork variety encased with garlic and white wine) and a little rice.

The ratatouille was made all the better for the fresh vegetables and amazingly pungent garlic you find here in the South of France.


And yes….as this photo shows, this is my idea of what a vacation kitchen should feature: garlic, fresh bread, olive oil, cured saussiccon and fine red wine.


- Matthew

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