That's the name of a Korean restaurant in New York garnering a rave review in the NYT today.

Not only is it making me hungry for good Korean barbecue but it's making me a bit wistful for New York dining in general.

Some Korean cuisine like jap chae and is fine and fun to prepare at home but for the full joy of a Korean meal surely nothing beats someone else doing the intricate prep and cooking for you!

The first time we took our 6 month old son to a Korean restaurant in mid-town Manhattan the waitresses basically baby-sat him while we enjoyed our meal. He was pretty cuddly back then though.

So Madangui is on my list of must tries for my next return to NYC, with or without the children!

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Mmmm…..Madangsui

  1. Christine says:

    Coming out of “lurkdom” for this one. This will be on our list for when we go to NYC in February… thanks for the tip! (We love making jap chae here… it’s my son’s absolute favorite meal… and all those veggies…)

  2. natalie says:

    ive been there.
    if youre a fan of spicy its an awesome place for you.
    didnt try the barbeque but it looked very good.
    All in all a very good korean restaurant.

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