Gastrokids Say the Funniest Things

Loved this piece in the Guardian about the way adults and especially kids get confused over food terms.

Along with much mangling of the word jalapeno and a buschetta here's some of the priceless malapropisms from the mouths of babes according to Guardian readers polled on Twitter:

Emalade = Lemonade

and this beauty

When I was younger, in the supermarket with my dad seeing a whole octopus I yelled out "look at its testicles!"

What are the best and funniest food mistakes your kids (or grown ups) have made?

- Matthew

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One Response to Gastrokids Say the Funniest Things

  1. Beth says:

    Both my kids (6 and 3) love seafood, and they’ve just been turned on to calamari. However, they’re having a little bit of trouble pronouncing the name of the creature: they’re constantly requesting “Squ-uh-d.” I haven’t really corrected them, because I find it kind of hilarious.

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