Ceviche Peruvian Style


Ceviche is both incredibly easy and intimidating to prepare the first time. After all, who’s going to put their faith in the curing ability on raw fish of lime juice unless you’ve succeeded in the past?

For this Peruvian-inspired appetizer (for 8 people) I made a 1.5lb medley of fish, including cod, sea bass, salmon and halibut (all cut in one inch cubes) along with cooked shrimp (normally a staple of Ecuadorean ceviche). I placed the fish mixture in a flat-bottomed ceramic dish and then added the juice of three limes, one clove of raw garlic (sliced) and a jalapeno (seeded and sliced). I refrigerated the dish and left it for one hour.

While curing the fish, I boiled one sweet potato and two ears of corn then reserved them and let them cool.

After an hour I sliced the sweet potato into four parts, served the cured fish on top of the sweet potato and garnished the fish with sprigs of fresh cilantro. The corn I broke into four pieces and served with the fish.

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