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A Taste of Peru and a Hint of Ecuador Via Wales

It was perhaps a strange dinner party to organise. After all, when it comes to planning ethnic food it sort of helps to have at least a semblance of original ingredients available and that normally means a well-established immigrant community … Continue reading

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Slow Cooked Easter Lamb with Rosemary, Pancetta and Wild Garlic

Here's a leg of lamb recipe suggested by an Italian friend then adapted with a local and seasonal Welsh ingredient. First thanks to Cristina for her garlic rosemary and pancetta leg of lamb recipe. Normally leg of lamb cooks quickly … Continue reading

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Charlie & Lola Deconstructed

A few weeks ago we took the kids to Green Drops and Moonsquirters, an exhibition of Lauren Child's work at the National Museum of Wales. Her most famous creation is Charlie & Lola and the interactive exhibition allowed kids and … Continue reading

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Gastrokids Say the Funniest Things

Loved this piece in the Guardian about the way adults and especially kids get confused over food terms. Along with much mangling of the word jalapeno and a buschetta here's some of the priceless malapropisms from the mouths of babes … Continue reading

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Prime Rib Becomes Bubble n’ Squeak Hash

  What to do with leftovers from a delicious two-rib beef roast that had been accompanied by potatoes, brussels sprouts, green beans and leeks? Well in our house that’s a recipe for bubble n’ squeak with cold meat sliced on … Continue reading

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Do We Let Our Kids Have Too Many Snacks?

My kids would snack or graze until they dropped, whether its savory or sweet, healthy or downright bad for you (all in moderation of course). Christmas is particularly bad it seems because the snacks seem to be dominated by small … Continue reading

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Salmon with Soy, Honey and Lime Sauce Becomes Sushi

Regular readers know that we love this sweet and savory grilled salmon dish that we feature in the Gastrokid Cookbook. This past weekend I made the dish again with a bit of a surprise (for the chef at least). When … Continue reading

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Jamon Redux

Just when you thought you'd learned all you need to know about cured ham along comes this handy Jamon Jamon guide to Spain's finest from the Guardian. What's more the guide was enabled by our favourite Spanish food producer, London's … Continue reading

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Jamon Iberico de Bellotta

Acorn-fed Iberian ham…….I think I'm in love. – Matthew

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Gastrokid Global Glossary – The Potato

Here at Gastrokid we’re always fascinated by the history and origin of our favorite foods so we’ve decided to embark on a global adventure (via the Internet at least) to build a glossary that will explain the history of food … Continue reading

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