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The Gastrokid Story So Far

Back in 2006 Hugh Garvey and Matthew Yeomans launched Gastrokid a food blog dedicated to healthy, tasty meals for all the family. In 2009 that blog became a book, The Gastrokid Cookbook, published by Wiley and now in its second … Continue reading

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Gastrokid column on Williams-Sonoma

The latest Gastrokid column for Williams-Sonoma kids is now live. We’re playing with kiddie cocktails for Spring. Check it out. – Matthew

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A Gastrokid Book and Update

Just in case you’ve been wondering why blogging life seems to have been a little slack here at Gastrokid….well, there’s lots of interesting stuff going on that now, finally, we can share with you. First, we have a book deal … Continue reading

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Gastrokid: Putting the Gas in Gastronomy

So, about the name Gastrokid. Do we need to explain it? Does any word with “gas” in it make you titter? Okay, admittedly it does have an, ahem, air of flatulence about it to the juvenile mindset. Let us not … Continue reading

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London Restaurants Serve Gastrokids

Just when you think that New York has cornered the market on gastro-cuisine for kids, along comes London to up the ante. And in the form of Tom Aikens, no less – Michelin-starred chef celebre of London’s fab crowd. The … Continue reading

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Knife Skills for Baby

The kids were in the kitchen and giving me a heck of a time while I was trying to prep some summer squash to sautee up (along with some fresh thyme, some garlic, salt and pepper; I overbought at the … Continue reading

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Palm Pilot

Interior: Kitchen-Morning I’m dutifully cutting up a toaster waffle, into vertical strips, as requested by my daughter for at least a full two weeks. It’s the last waffle in the box. Inquisitive Daughter: Can you make me a cool shape? … Continue reading

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Who Has Time to Measure?

Plus, a recipe for steak to feed a discerning family of carnivores Honestly. When it comes to cooking, what parent has time to measure? Your arrive home at, what, 5:53 if you’re lucky? More likely something like 6:38. Or later. … Continue reading

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Mini Me Mixology

Not every child who puffed on a candy cigarette grew up to be a smoker. Not every boy who donned his sister’s tutu turned into a cross dresser. Nor will every kid who drinks a virgin cocktail promptly at 5:30 … Continue reading

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Top Ten Toddler Salty Snacks (continued)

to pick up where we left off… 6. freshly-fried tortilla chips and quacamole at the nearest Mexican dive 7. trader joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels (though, in this hyper-allergic era, they’re rapidly reaching hazmat status) 8. marcona almonds (tamari almonds … Continue reading

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