Kid’s Food Face Plate from SFMoma

Check out this funny face plate ($12) designed by Jason Amendolara and available from SFMoma. Perfect for mashed potato shapes.


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Kids Culinary Goodies Courtesy of SFMoma

I'm killing time here in San Francisco airport and so decided to potter around the SFMoma store. Needless to say they've got some great kid's food stuff and so I thought I'd share what I saw:

First up are these great insulated lunch boxes ( $10 each) from Munchler.


- Matthew

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Gastrokid Parmesan Chicken Cutlets Recipe Passes Blogger Test Drive

Patsy over at the blog familyfriendsandfood put the parmesan chicken cutlet recipe from our cookbook through its paces and it scored quite well. She took a cookbook worthy photo too. For her review, the recipe, and her photo, check it out here.

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LA Weekly Gastrokid Q&A

Foodie blogger and journalist Amy Scattergood was kind enough to check in with Gkid on the genesis of the book. Read it here. Amy’s got a cool blog, too.

And if you’re so inclined to buy the book and live in Los Angeles, two of my favorite local stores are stocking it.

OK, the amazing arty housewares shop on third street. Tell Larry or Jana I sent you.

8303 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 653-3501

And Chevalier’s on Larchmont, where I hope to be doing a signing down the road.

126 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 465-1334

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Gastrokid Back to School Tips

Hugh’s been chatting to the folks at and offering up some Gastrokid tips for back to school lunches.

Check out his tips on a late summer lunchbox salad.

- Matthew


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Popups – the New Indian Snack Food

Confusion reigned in our house tonight after Zelda (3) decided she wanted to taste a snack she'd seen us pick up at a local supermarket.

"Popups." Can I have some popups she kept asking as Jowa and myself looked on confused. We were pretty sure we hadn't bought anything called a popup and we definitely didn't have any pop-tarts in the house.

"They're crispy and round," she insisted and then it dawned: Zelda was craving poppadams, that Indian lentil wafer.

Out of the mouths of babes I guess.

- Matthew

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Gastrokid’s Hugh as Foodie TV Star

Here's Hugh making a leap for TV super-stardom on ABC's The View from the Bay.

Roasted chick pea bruschetta never looked so good.


- Matthew

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The Gastrokid Cookbook Has Officially Landed


After a week or so of pre-orders and such, the official publication date is upon us and now the Gastrokid Cookbook: Feeding a Foodie Family in a Fast-Food World book is in stores across the globe (well, at least across the pond), with copies on shelves in shops everywhere from California to Cardiff. Get yourself down to your independent local bookseller to buy a copy, or order it from one of these fine online retailers:


Barnes and Noble


Jessica’s Biscuit

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Recipe (sort of) for Octopus a la American Girl


I did not stage the photo below. I repeat: I did not stage the photo below. 7 and 3/4 year old Violet did. She’s taken to having one of her American Girl dolls sit at the dinner table with us. I’d just cooked a 4 pound octopus for dinner (using Mark Bittman’s New York Times Video Recipe here). She’s used to me shooting dinner, so to speak, with my camera. It turns out she sat her American Girl right under the dining room lamp that shows food in its best light (I know, I know, octopus, no matter how well-seasoned will always look a bit monstrous). The photo kind of reminds me of the pics in The Lonely Doll.



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Gastrokid Hits Julia Child Fave La Super Rica


On a recent getaway the Gastrokid US contingent lunched at Santa Barbara’s La Super Rica Taqueria for some benchmark beachy Mexican food at a spot beloved by foodies, families, and Julia Child. We ordered up a storm, as usual, and ordered chicken sopes, rajas, jimaica, vegetable tamales with crema, and, as all foodie families do, a quesadilla.



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