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Fresh Greens on the Grill

It's getting warm over here in Wales and so the thought of cooking inside in a non-air-conditioned house is particularly unappealing. Because of that I decided to experiment with cooking a whole meal on the grill. Sure the pork loin … Continue reading

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Korean Dinner Party Leftover Continued – Stewed Chicken and Potatoes

I'd never tasted this dish before and, frankly, was a little skeptical about how good it would taste. But the stewing in soy, sake, garlic and red pepper flakes is inspired. If I was making this purely for a family … Continue reading

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From rescued Korean food dinner party to kiddie-friendly leftovers

We were having a dinner party last weekend – strictly grownups only. The plan was simple: spend more time with friends and less time in the kitchen by ordering take out from our local Korean restaurant (the only one in … Continue reading

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Greeno Bambino to the Kid’s Kitchen Rescue

And other places as well. Green Bambino, a self-described "online retail destination offering parents, parents-to-be, friends and family a highly edited selection of exclusively non-toxic products for kids" (okay…a bit of a mouthful) has a great line in… safe sippy … Continue reading

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Sea Beet….and Eat!

Here we go again in the wild and wacky world of tasty, leafy greens. This time we stumbled upon Sea Beet (a cross between spinach and Swiss chard) at our local farmer’s market. Assured that Sea Beet (so named because … Continue reading

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Sauteeing Veg with Water

Cooking Brussels’ sprouts can be a bit of an ordeal. As we’ve discussed a lot on Gastrokid there’s nothing worse in our opinion than boiled and overcooked Brussels’. For that reason we like to half them and saute em with … Continue reading

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Celebrity Chef Recommends Poisonous Weed in Salads

Just in case any of you were inspired by chef Worral Thompson’s suggestion in the recent Healthy and Organic Living magazine to add henbane as a "tasty addition" to salads let me offer some advice: PUT THE DEADLY WEED DOWN! … Continue reading

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Blue Cheese and Bacon Chicken Kinda Cordon Bleu

We’ve all been there – you’ve got to throw together a tasty meal in 40 minutes and all you’ve got is a few chicken breasts to play with. That was our predicament this week but, luckily, we’d had a dinner … Continue reading

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Garlic Prep with the Help of a Little Helper

Cooking with kids – especially when you have a demanding two-year old running around the kitchen – can be a nightmare. So the other night when I was making a vegetable stir-fry with zucchini, snap peas and red pepper, I … Continue reading

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