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Do We Let Our Kids Have Too Many Snacks?

My kids would snack or graze until they dropped, whether its savory or sweet, healthy or downright bad for you (all in moderation of course). Christmas is particularly bad it seems because the snacks seem to be dominated by small … Continue reading

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An Essential Guide to Pasta

Don’t know your farfalle from your fettucine? This new interactive pasta guide from the Guardian (in conjunction with the excellent Silver Spoon book) is a great help. I thought I knew my pasta but Trofie foxed me. You too? Well … Continue reading

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Who Can Save the School Lunch?

Here’s an interesting snippet from a story today about new school lunch policies being adopted in England. First up, new standards be implemented to specify the maximum (fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt) and minimum (carbohydrate, protein, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin … Continue reading

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Celebrity Chef Recommends Poisonous Weed in Salads

Just in case any of you were inspired by chef Worral Thompson’s suggestion in the recent Healthy and Organic Living magazine to add henbane as a "tasty addition" to salads let me offer some advice: PUT THE DEADLY WEED DOWN! … Continue reading

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Spinach on the Grill

I’m in this family limbo at present – each year my family heads off for a few weeks to visit the in-laws in the U.S. and I am left to forage alone. I use the time to experiment in the … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Confidential – Adventures in Slow Food (Sort Of)

Let’s get this disclaimer out of the way straight away: I was not wholly convinced when Jowa said she wanted a slow cooker/Crock Pot. Perhaps it was the suspicion that I faced a future of flavourless stews that put me … Continue reading

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Bittman’s Bitten Blog

Mark Bittman certainly has started his new blog, Bitten, with a bang. There’s some great recipes for Super Crunchy Fried Chicken (mmmm) and Italian-style Vegetable Pancakes, and I like the "What I ate last night" category. Given all the other … Continue reading

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Kid Friendly Restaurants – Giraffe in London

We were in London this weekend….and a wet, soggy experience it was as well trust me. The highlight of the trip was a ride on the London Eye but after that we all needed a good dinner. And that’s where … Continue reading

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